Wireless barcode scanner, QR code (2D), data collection terminal (DCT) and inventory tool

Barcode Harvester - A simple and convenient tool - always at your fingertips!

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No complicated settings, file transfers, expectations .... Compatible with most accounting programs.

Just install the application on your phone and computer, and instantly read the barcodes, or QR-codes directly into your accounting program.

• Barcode scanner

In this mode, the phone works just like a normal barcode scanner connected to a computer. Moreover, you can immediately specify the quantity, see the name and price, immediately find information about the product on the Internet. If you connect a normal barcode scanner (OTG USB) to the phone, the phone, in this case, can work as a wireless extension cable.

• Data collection terminal - DCT

Create lists, read any number of barcodes in them, send lists to the working computer and display them in the accounting software. Quickly and easily fill out any documents - incoming invoices, inventories, goods movements, large sales.

• Inventory

If in the process you want to check the product name, its quantity and price, then this mode is what you need. We copy data columns from any spreadsheet document (Excel, OpenOffice Calc, etc.) create a "workpiece". Send the "workpiece" to the phone and read the barcodes. After filling, send the document back to the computer and display the "actual" data in your accounting software, in a convenient way for you.

• Compatibility

If your accounting software can work with a conventional barcode scanner, then it is compatible with BARCODE HARVESTER. Only for the "Inventory" mode and filling the Catalog, you need to prepare data from any spreadsheet document.

It is also possible to use on the data collection terminals with Android OS, such as Honeywell EDA50.

• Application Features

You can read the barcodes either by the camera of the phone, or by the barcode scanner connected via the OTG USB, or by manual input, with a convenient search.

Automatic protection against accidental taps and data loss - connect a scanner to the phone (OTG USB), put the phone in your pocket, and with maximum speed and comfort, dial lists of barcodes. With each reading, the phone will "Beep" to you.

Unique "Keyboard output" - transfer of the barcode list to any accounting program, without any settings - the program will "think" that the barcodes are read to it from the physical scanner, only very quickly, with a speed of up to 50 barcodes per second.

All data is transmitted either locally via WIFI, or through the Barcode Harvester server, which are on the Internet, while the data is compressed and encrypted, providing a high level of security and speed.

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